Planet Khanda

Gurmukh Life

 Life on planet Khanda is wonderful.                                                                            

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit.  There is plenty of beautiful music to be heard.  And plenty of songs to be sung. There is no death, people live forever.  And the best thing is that people don't have to work - well, actually let me take that back - they have to work but only for five weeks of  their lives.                                                                           

Let me explain...                                                                             

When a person is born, that person is raised by the family until the person is mature enough to work.  At that point, the person is sent to work for only five weeks. 

Well, work is not your 9 to 5 kind of deal; rather, the person is left on a beach which has many shells, huge dunes of sand and many, many hidden diamonds amongst the shells and the sand. All the person has to do is collect as many diamonds as possible. The hard part is that many of the shells glitter just like diamonds. But  with a little knowledge, they can be told apart quite easily. 

Needless to say, the person's life after the five weeks depends entirely on the amount of diamonds that person has collected during the "work" period. With the diamonds, the person can buy all kinds of good things and live very, very happily ever after. The wise people don't even sleep during those five weeks.  They just collect all the diamonds they can get. 

But then there are some whose performance, shall we say, is not up to par. Some of these people become lazy and don't go to the beach for many days. Then there are others who don't go for an entire week.  And some don't show up at all!  There are others also, who go once in while, but just fill their pockets with shells and sands.


pyareoooo gursikho,                                                                             

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh                                  

This story is our story. Yes, yours and mine.  When our soul is mature - ie conscious enough, we are sent as humans to dharam khand.  Our main work here is to collect naam diamonds.  Yes, there are many glittering shells: 

·       fancy cars, 

·       expensive dresses, 

·       flaky stories like this one, 

·       hot debates about what naam really is, 

·       witty discussions about existence itself.  

And many dunes of sand:

·       lust, 

·       anger, 

·       greed, 

·       attachment,

·       ego.

But with a little gurbaNi reflection, we can easily tell a diamond apart from a shell. But despite knowing all this, what do we do?  We goof off! We don't just goof off; we goof off big time!!!  Each moment without naam is like an hour without work on planet Khanda. Each amrit vela that we spend without naam and in sleep is like a week without work on plant Khanda. 

The most amazing thing is that we will read this story, some of us will get moved by it.  But come tommorrow amrit vela, we will hit that snooze button and drift off once again into dream land. 

My pyari, pyari sakhio,  lets *** WAKE *** up.                                                                          

Not when we are 60 or 70 but NOW.

Start naam simran tonight. Don't wait for tommorrow - it might or might not come. Pyare, let's not waste our precious moments on shells, lets get rich!!!!!!!!!

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru .....

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