Gurmukh Life

 The Respected Giani Jaswant Singh Parvana Ji said to my friend, 'The Sikhi that Guru Sahib created was so simple and straightforward, nowadays it's become complicated and confused'.

Why are we so confused? Because every time we have a question or a query about Naam we ask 100 different people only to get 100 different answers. But I thought we were Sikhs and one can only be a Sikh (learner) if there is an Enlightener (Guru). So why do we run in every direction when our Guru Ji is right in front of us? Our Guru is the only one we need to ask. We will get one TRUE answer, we will not be confused by the world.

Have some faith. Do ardas 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji You are my One and Only Guru, I turn to you for guidance, You can take my hand and lead me out of this darkness. Guru Granth Sahib Ji, why should I ask any Sant or Scholar for answers?...They only got their knowledge from You, So I too turn directly to You. I am nothing, a poor little foolish ant full of sins, be merciful Guru ji.'

Then Naam Jap with One Mind One Focus 'Ek Man Ek Dhia-ia'.......hour after hour, day after is better to die than to live without the Beloved.

When a person is truly thirsty they will run to the river with full determination, no-one can stop them, they have the One True Guide leading them. When one only talks about drinking they will stop and talk and ask directions from everyone they meet...wandering about confused they may never reach the river.

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