A Question Of Faith

For Young Khalsa

A man went to visit a highly enlightened saint. When he reached the saints resting place, he saw that the saint was conducting sermons and talking to people about God. There were many people gathered there and all were listening to the wonders of God. When the saint had finished his sermon all the people started to make their way home. But this man stayed on...

He was the only one left there and the saint saw him and asked "My son, in what way can I help you?" The man replied "I have been listening to your wonderful stories about the wonders of God, everybody seemed to be very impressed with what you were saying. But I am not convinced that those stories are true or God exists!! I refuse to believe God exists!"

The saint asked this man where he had come from and what his name was, the man replied "I have come from Jalandhar and my name is Soorma Das." The saint then said "What is the name of your father?"

"My fathers name is Bhagat Das!" said the man. The saint looked at the man with disbelief and said "I do not believe that your fathers name is Bhagat Das!" The man said "Oh but it is, I'm telling you it is!!" The saint said "You can say it as much as you like, I don't believe you!"

The man then said to the saint in frustration "If you don't believe me, why don't you come with me to my house and I will show him to you!" The saint then replied "Why don't you come with me to MY HOUSE and I will show you MY FATHER!!"

The man then realised what lesson the saint had taught him, he realised that just because you cant see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist!!

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