Sharing in His Name

For Young Khalsa

 A holy man awoke one morning and took a look outside his window and thought "What a wonderful morning you have given us!" He bathed and did some Simran and Paath. After he had finished he thought he would make himself something to eat, but he thought to himself "I think I shall feed another today in Gods name before I feed myself." So he got ready and set out to find someone to share his food with.

As he walked through his village he came across many people and asked them whether they would like to share his food, they all thought he was mad and passed him by. Then, he saw an old man who was homeless and asked him if he would like to come to his house and share his food. The old man agreed.

As they reached the holy mans house, the old man said that he wanted to freshen up - so the holy man obliged and heated up some water for him to bathe in. After the old man had finished bathing, the holy man brought out the food that he wanted to share with this man. The holy man said before we eat this food there is one condition."

The holy man said "We must repeat God's name before we begin eating." The old man got up, his eyes were red with anger he said "God's name? I will never say his name, he has done nothing for me, why should I say his name!" The holy man was a little offended at this and tried to explain why the old man should repeat God's name. But the old man began to curse and swear at God.

The holy man could take it no more and kicked the old man out!!

To calm himself down the holy man decided to sit in meditation for a while. While sitting in meditation he heard a voice... "My son, what have you done?" It was the voice of God. The holy man replied "Father, I do not understand." God replied "Why did you throw the old man out?"

The holy man said "Father, he was showing disrespect to you, I tried to explain to him, but he was not willing to understand." God replied "You decided to share your food in MY name, but instead you throw him out in MY name. My son I have been listening to his feelings about me for 75 years, but I still give him he gifts of a new day, everyday. Because he is also my son and I love him. You listened to him for 10 minutes and you threw him out!"

The holy man realised the error that he had made and apologised to God...

Sometimes our toleration threshold is shorter than we realise... especially when it comes to religion. 

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