A Pound of Flesh

Gurmukh Life

 There's a story about a saint who lived in his own anand, he cared about everyone and everyone loved him. Another blessed man also lived in the same town. One day a childless woman went to see the blessed man, she said , 'Ask your God to grant me a son'. The Blessed man went to the top of the mountain and spoke to God of the poor woman's request. He came back and told the lady, 'God said that there are no children in your destiny'.

A few days later, the woman came back full of joy and happiness, she was giving sweets to one and all, the blessed man asked what she was celebrating. She replied, 'The Saint has said I will be blessed with a beautiful baby boy, my dreams have come true!'.

The blessed man couldn't understand it, he climbed the mountain and asked God 'O Lord You said the lady had no children in her destiny, yet the saint has granted her a son. How can he overrule your decision?' God replied, 'O Blessed Man, before I answer that, go to the town and tell the my children that God wants a pound of their flesh.'

The Blessed Man spent the next few days telling everyone, they looked at him and ran away, no-one was prepared to give a pound of flesh. Then the Saint met him and he told him of the strange request to which the saint replied, 'O Blessed Man, go back to God and ask him from which part of my body he wants it from.'

On top of the mountain the blessed man said to God, 'Only the saint was prepared to obey your command, Lord. Even I was scared to obey it.' God then answered him, 'My Saint is prepared to die for me, I am bound by what he says. My saint can overturn destiny, everything belongs to the saint.'

Moral of the story:

So many religious people want to meet God, everyone talks about whats right and wrong, some people are blessed but they too have only given 50% of themsleves to God, the saint on the other hand has given everything to God.

In the news last night, there was a big debate about letting homosexuals becoming ordained as priests. A Bishop was preaching that they were loving christians in a loving relationship and that their sexuality shouldn't stop them from serving God!!!!!!!!!!!

Super ManMat or what? I thought we were supposed to obey God's Hukam whether we like it or not, just like the saint was prepared to give his flesh and if it meant he had to die then he would have. But these Christians seem to have it the other way around 'I am homosexual, I dont see why I should change, I know lets change the religion'!

Same way in Sikhi, we are blessed with amrit, but some of us find it hard to keep our head covered or to wear a normal kirpan, we find it hard to avoid eating meat and eggs.......We find so many things difficult that we say 'It's ok to wear a necklace kirpan, we say it's Ok to go to work without any head covering, and we have desire to eat meat and eggs in us so we justify it as best as we can'. We are blessed with amrit, but we haven't given our head. WE WILL NOT CHANGE, BUT WE WILL CHANGE THE RELIGION INSTEAD.

And what's the end result.........have you 'seen' God? No? Well you must still be doing something wrong. Still further to travel my friend, a lot further to travel.

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