Horse and Cart

Gurmukh Life

I've just been listening to a bit of Bhai Jasbir Singh ji's tape. He said Bhagat Kabeer ji said his mind was like a horse, he climbed on it, took control and told it 'Go, Go - go to the dasam duar and go further onto Nirankarthe Formless One' My life has been given to reach Nirankar so ride the horse to the destination.

Bhai Sahib continued, have you noticed the 'tandas' (horse and cart), occassionally the government hires them all, so all the owners drive where they are told. They no longer worry about where their next destination is or where their next payment is coming from. They are obeying HUKAM and their worries have gone. When they were full of ego, doing only what they desired, they were always worrying about what would happen next. When we stop obeying our ego and start obeying HUKAM (as in Guru Granth Sahib ji) our worries will go. 

Bhai Sahib also added, have you noticed the way all the drivers block up all the road with their horse and cart, and people behind are so impatient they try to overtake, hooting and revving their engines. The world has been destroyed because of this 'me first, me first' attitude , the guy behind overtakes and has an accident. Now if they were all working for the government then they'd be no competiton, they'd all be taken care of by their master. Follow HUKAM and Waheguru ji takes care of us, no need to worry or to compete, be contented and free. 

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