Rangle Sajjan - The imbued ones (2nd Edition)

Translated by: Bh. Jaspinder Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee

Chapter 04: Vir Nirbhai Singh Ji Lalton

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I am undergoing life imprisonment and most likely it is the year 1920. Bhai Nirbhai Singh Jee was heading towards Calcutta to attend a Congress Conference. This was the special conference that passed ‘Non-Cooperation’ resolution.  Before commencing his journey Vir Nirbhai Singh had decided to meet political prisoners in Hazaribag jail and then proceed to Calcutta. The jail is served by ‘Hazaribag Road’ railway station, located on the railway line to Calcutta. It is surrounded by 40 miles of deep forest. This place is a health resort in Bihar province that remains cool all-round the year.

Vir Bhai Nirbhai Singh Jee has reached Hazaribag City and starts off for Hazaribag jail early in the morning during ambrosial hours. He is walking leisurely.  It is all quiet, with dew in the air and light drizzle. Love-lorn, separated long ago, he is full of anticipated joy of the meeting. In this state of love yearning he is quietly reciting Gurbani in his heart while walking towards the jail, with bowed head in a state of self-absorption. Suddenly he hears a distant heart-rending recitation of Sloks of Mahala 9 from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. He looks around with great surprise, trying to locate the source of recitation that has touched him.  He is wondering that in this forlorn place, where there is no Sikh population who could be this lover of Gurbani who is reciting with pining heart the most touching Gurbani Sloks of the Ninth Nanak, Guru Teg Bahadur Jee. He discerns that sound is from the direction of jail. He is perplexed all the more because in the surroundings of Jail there could only be Bihari population and yet the recitation is most touching and absorbing.  With folded hands he just stands motionless to have a look of the on-coming holy face.

It is a Bihari Sepoy from the jail in his uniform, singing in sweet lingering melodious voice, engrossed in the love of Gurbani of the Sloks Mahala-9. Tears are freely flowing from his eyes. When he nears the statue like Vir Nirbhai Singh in his own intense love, both Sepoy and the Vir are oblivious to their state or consciousness. When the magical sound just approaches, Vir Nirbhai Singh gets startled. Seeing the Sepoy, he falls like a log at his feet. No amount of coaxing from the Sepoy can make the Vir rise up. While the tears from the eyes of Sepoy are falling at the neck of the prostrating Vir, his own tears wetted the feet of the Sepoy. The Sepoy is very glad to behold the face of a Sikh and all his being is bathed in spiritual love.

The Bihari Sepoy was not yet a complete Sikh in appearance; he had a growth of beard on his face. He had fairly long hair on his head that were not yet long enough to tie a knot. It appeared that these were growing in natural slow fashion. Ever since the awareness of Khalsa discipline of keeping unshorn hair, he had stopped cutting these.  At last he lifted the head of the Sikh from his feet.  When the two were face to face, they asked each other simultaneously, “What is your name, what place are you coming from and where are you heading?” The Sepoy replied first, that he was an employee at the jail. This was followed by another question from Bhai Nirbhai Singh, “Who taught you the Gurbani and where did you learn this?” He replied that one of the political prisoners in the jail is a Saint with unshorn hair. Interrupting him Bhai Nirbhai Singh again enquired, “Is Bhai Randhir Singh Jee also one of these political prisoners?” Hearing the name, the Sepoy fell flat at the feet of Bhai Nirbhai Singh.  He cried out with flowing tears that it was the Sadhu of this same name who has blessed him with the boon of these Sloks and given knowledge about Gurbani. Bhai Nirbhai Singh lifted the head of this love-lorn Sepoy and informed that he was heading for the jail to meet his saintly benefactor. The Sepoy humbly asked for any service for him.  He stated that his all body, mind and wealth are dedicated to the holy one and again offered to make any sacrifice.

At the end of the dialogue of mutual respect and love, Bhai Nirbhai Singh approached the jail gate for meeting me. I was called by the Jailor for the interview. Just on seeing me the Vir broke down with uncontrolled sobs. He could not compose himself inspite of my efforts and those of the Jailor. He just could not speak. The Jailor asked him for the cause of so much crying. In the midst of his sobbings, Nirbhai Singh Jee said, “We are the wretches, who missed a lot. Blessed are these Bihari Sepoys to get redeemed through the holy company. What more can I say?” Saying this he kept wailing. Addressing me he said only this, “I am the same Nirbhai Singh whose forehead you lovingly touched with the iron Rosary of counting beads during Baptism ceremony, opening thereby the Tenth Gate of ‘Dasam Dwar’. It was only then that I briefly envisioned the Divine Glory. I could not follow that with the ceaseless devotion nor had another similar spiritual experience. While you are in the jail, we are engrossed in the political rat race”. He again resumed wailing loudly. The interview time was over and we got separated. While I was asked to go in and he was sent out, longingly he would turn back to have another glance. I also stood statue like to watch him going without being disturbed. Finally the Sepoys took him away from my vision. In parting words, he shouted, that he would again see me on return from Calcutta. However that never happened. Nor was there another meeting, not even till date after return from long imprisonment.  Beloved Vir, Nirbhai Singh Jee had, departed for Abode-Divine long back. Thus ends this narration. The pen can write no more!

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