I believe 1/4 cup clarified butter, 1/4 cup atta, 1/4 cup sugar and about 3/4 upto 1 cup water should make sufficient parshad for 4 family members.

To make clarified butter (ghee), melt the butter at low temperature and allow the milk solids to separate at the bottom along with water content. Some foam will develop as well which should be removed then when the butterfat (golden portion) is clear pour off into a separate storage dish. The internet also provides visual examples of making clarified butter (ghee), or you could just buy the ghee.

In the event you are unable to make or obtain ghee add a bit of extra butter and melt on med-high temp while stirring to keep the butterfat portion from burning. This will minimize the milk solids into brown chunks which you can remove as much as possible.

The atta needed should not be too wet once completely mixed with the butter. If necessary add a bit of extra atta. In a separate pot mix the water and sugar and bring to boil and then lower heat while atta is cooking. Keep the atta stirring to allow it to cook evenly. When the aroma of atta becomes apparent, cook a little bit more keeping an eye on the atta itself to gauge that it is not burning.

Once atta is ready add a quarter or so of the water/sugar and stir the parshad rapidly to mix and avoid any scorching of atta. You may adjust the heat down a little, but better to add the sugar water and stir quickly than have the mixture cool too rapidly. Slowly add the remaining water. The final consistency of the parshad should be medium (not runny or too sloppy). As the parshad cools it will firm up a bit. Do not be afraid to leave some of the sugar/water unused or conversely to add a bit extra if needed.

If the parshad shows (has released) ghee and smoothly slips off your stirring utensil you are done. It takes practise and each individual will have slightly different opinions on how much butter, sugar and water to use in relation to the atta and how thick/thin and buttery the final parshad should be.

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