Rangle Sajjan - The imbued ones (2nd Edition)

Translated by: Bh. Jaspinder Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee

Chapter 22: Moth of Light – Divine Dr. Gurdip Singh Jee

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His earlier name was Nand Singh. He was born and brought up at Narangwal and got married in early life. His father was Dr. Charan Singh ‘Slotri’, veterinary doctor. He had been renamed Asa Singh after Baptism, yet he was always known as ‘Charan Singh’, the discarded dead name as Gursikh. He had been baptised in young age along with me and was known as my ‘Sunehria Vir’. He was of a very young age and Baptism had deep spiritual effect on him, but only for a short time. He had very sweet disposition and was well built. I always addressed him by his Gurmat name, Asa Singh. He was to be arrested in ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ in 1914 along with me, but he managed to escape to Calcutta and then to Burma. There he became veterinary doctor and got into service. He sent for his family, consisting of his wife, one son Nand Singh and one daughter Nand Kaur. Thus the family was reunited in Burma.

I do not know much about early life of Nand Singh in Burma. Only his bosom-friend, Dr. Tirlochan Singh, can throw some light. All I know is that he received his education there and became a doctor. He was a renouncer by nature like ascetics and a great spiritual seeker. It was in fulfilment of ultimate objective of God-Realization that he had pursued in his previous life. His simplicity and purity in life led him to be taken in by any fake holy one. However he could discern fakes from real like swans ‘separating water from milk’ with his natural gift, though after full conviction with time. Once so convinced, he would immediately abandon them. With his spiritual thirst unquenched, he would remain yearning for true Sat-Sang, holy company.  Wherever a prominent Saint existed in Burma, he went on to follow him with full dedication and faith till the end. He would worship him like God. Dr. Tirlochan Singh was his companion in spiritual pursuit and knows the details of events. However I am not much concerned with this earlier life as Nand Singh in Burma. I had first serious contact with him when he returned to Narangwal disappointed after his long search for spiritual solace, having tried ascetics of different hues. He continued to be a humble seeker with utmost spiritual yearning. His visit coincided with Sat-Sang Samagam, providing a feast of soulful Kirtan of Gurbani Singing. I do not know how this love-lorn, Nand Singh, got wind of Sat-Sang.

The true seekers have the means to reach their objective, helped by Divine-dispensation. This was the first occasion to meet this young Divine-Lover, fully charged emotionally. His accompanying sister was also a co-seeker of spirituality with equal fervour.  The Baptism Ceremony was being held. The experienced Gurmukhs immediately identified them as old associates of previous birth. Dear Nand Singh was the highest candidate for Baptism and his sister, Bibi Nand Kaur, was not far behind in spiritual merit. She very much desired to join her brother for Baptism together. However this was not possible, because she was required to get baptised only as a couple along with her husband. The husband was as yet untouched by spiritual concern and remained aloof from the environment of Sat-Sang. However Bibi Nand Kaur firmly believed that her silent prayers would soon bring her husband around and he too would be ready for Baptism. She reconciled with postponement of her own Baptism, much against her wishes, in view of the restraint of Gurmat principle and strong faith and hope of redemption together with her husband. Her sacrifice of willful acceptance to withhold her spiritual progress in compliance with tenets of Faith, perseverance in hope and faith in Divine-Dispensation was highly appreciable.

I remember Nand Singh sitting inside among aspirants for Baptism in anticipated spiritual transformation while his devout sister was happily swinging in ecstasy outside in Verandah. It appeared that she too would share the spiritual flights of celestial Bliss with her brother even in her present state, sitting outside. The final moment arrived and Vir Nand Singh was being transformed into Blessed Gurdip Singh.  He was sitting before the ‘Chosen Five’ with hands folded together in great anticipation.  He was thirsting most like rain-bird for the Divine- Nectar.

Just as he imbibed Amrit from the ‘Chosen Five’ and was initiated with ‘Gur-Mantar’, the Divine-Naam, his eyes rolled upward and his spirit soared in highest flight. His Simran of Naam was the unique example of Gurbani-quote, “Gurmukh Rome Rome Har Dhiyave”, contemplating Divine with every pore of his being.

Tears of gratitude for bestowing of Divine-Grace were flowing freely. The face shone in Splendour-Divine and his natural charm was enhanced many-fold in splendorous glory. Nand Singh of few earlier moments was transformed beyond recognition. He presented the sight of moon- enamoured bird in his fixation of Divine-Love. He had a considerable credit of spiritual merit carried over from previous life and had made endless strivings even in this birth. His consciousness was fully awake to receive the very first drop of Divine-Nectar. Just as he received ‘Swanti-Boond’ like rain bird, there was inner gushing of Spiritual- Nectar within.  As soon as he heard ‘Gur-Mantar’, initiated by ‘Chosen-Five’, Divine-Naam utterance became automatic from every pore of his being. Initial switching-on kept the Naam-Simran going ceaselessly like working of a pendulum for many years to come. Nectarine-Naam reflected Divine-Light within, and Lord in Full Glory was envisioned! How could Gurdip Singh, engrossed in tasting Naam- Nectar now, have known that the vision of his yearning would be envisioned within his own being?  Divine-Light not only filled his inner being but could also be envisioned without, everywhere.

His Love-Yearning eyes of long kept him engrossed in enjoyment of Divine-Vision with single-minded concentration.  Enlightenment of ‘WAHEGURU-Naam’ presented the vision of the self-Named Lord in Real-Being. This is how the tongue and the eyes of Gurdip Singh in ecstasy were completely engrossed with Divine-Wonder.  He had attained his long awaited self-fulfilment. He was a picture of gratitude in thanks Giving for Divine-Grace, uttering ‘Kartar! Kartar!’ With increasing repetition of utterance, manifold miraculous Divinely Glorious hues, were reflected by his face.

This was amazing sight indeed!  Whosoever saw youthful Gurdip Singh in this Blissful state also became ecstatic.  The most unique happening of this occasion was that Vir Gurdip Singh’s sister, Nand Kaur, went into trance, sitting outside. Her Naam-Simran started automatically, as if she had direct spiritual communication with her brother, centre of her loving-concern. It is customary to confine the environment of Baptism Ceremony only to the concerned individuals to the exclusion of general Sangat. The ‘Chosen Five’ received Divine- promptings that Reborn in Guru’s House, Vir Gurdip Singh, may be glanced by his Divinely-intoxicated sister, Nand Kaur, from outside through window-glass.  With first glance itself Bibi fainted, unable to cope up with the sight of Piercing of Ecstatic Divine-Love and its Glory. Falling flat, she lost her consciousness for many hours. Though she regained her composure, yet Vir Gurdip Singh continued to be in trance inside. The Baptism Ceremony was over since long and his other companions had left. The Chosen Five decided to leave him undisturbed in his Blissful State alone in Presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  The Granthi Singhs on attendance duty of Sri Granth Sahib were being rotated. However Vir Gurdip Singh remained in same meditational posture, without movement of a limb nor did his eyes blink. Ah! This was great imbibing of Divine-Nectar!

The gathered Sangat was anxious to behold Vir Gurdip Singh and was getting restless. Finally I was told to somehow bring him out of his trance, so that he may come out for Sangat to have a glimpse. In compliance of Sangat’s direction, taking hold of myself I entered to share in Blissful Play-Divine. Lovingly I touched Vir Gurdip Singh in his deep-meditation. In his state of Intoxicated-Divine-Love, I could barely manage to support him with my shoulder in half-carrying. Finally he was in the midst of eagerly waiting Gursikhs outside. All were beholding his Glorious Sight in devotion. Slowly he regained his normal composure.  His lips moved and there were resounding of Kirtan-Divine for long. It is not known how long it took Vir Gurdip Singh to return to normal life and duty towards family. His wife too was baptised along with him and thus the couple returned to Burma as devout Gursikhs.  His Divine-infatuated presence of Naam- enlightenment first regaled Gursikh-Sangat in Rangoon and then many other cities.  Under his powerful influence of complete Faith- dedication, a prominent Kirtani Jatha came into being, ushering an environment of spirituality. Many were moved to experience his state of Divine-Bliss and indeed acquired the same highest Bliss like one lamp lighting another.

The transformation in old Nand Singh to Vir Gurdip Singh of high spirituality was most astounding to his associates in Burma.  The aspiring Gursikhs in their early youth were highly benefited. The city of Paeboi was particularly blessed with a heavenly atmosphere of devotional Sat-Sang. Quite a few years later Dr. Randhir Singh of Gujerwal returned to Punjab from Burma.  This is his narration, “Burma is now truly blessed with heavenly spiritual environment in the region of Paeboi.  Rangoon has also experienced some of this Blissfulness.  Though I am hardened worldly mortal devoid of all spirituality, yet I can always spot the Essence of Gurmat whenever I chance to come across. I happen to have name common with you, ‘Randhir Singh’. While you have progressed spiritually, I too have made similar if not higher strivings in service for Panthic causes. However I remain a stranger to matters spiritual, yet it is Guru’s blessing that I can evaluate accurately real talent of Gurmat in Panth, Khalsa nation. There are two shining examples of Jatha, Vir Wishakha Singh and Vir Amar Singh (Pooran Singh) in Rangoon.  Though socially they fall in category of not-so-well-to-do people, yet one bows to them for their high spirituality. Like the hidden jewels, wrapped in rags, they have been identified by the jeweller in me. Let me elucidate that their spiritual enlightenment has been helped by Dr. Gurdip Singh Jee, who got imbued spiritually here and then carried the Flame to Burma.”

Dr. Gurdip Singh served his patients most selflessly. His soothing words eradicated half the problem of disease. In the case of patients with poor means and low castes, he devoted special attention day and night going to their houses.  He spent his own money for their medicines and care, bringing them full relief and enthusing new life. Irrespective of the social status of a patient, he would rush to attend the patient even at mid-night. Making money was never his objective. Starting with words of reassurance and solace, he would make as many rounds as required till the patient was fully cured.

He was renowned for his caring and ideal ethical behaviour with patients. All his patients were nursed back to full health. He left his high medical position in Burma, thinking of service as mere enslavement.  He setup his medical practice to serve Narangwal, Gurjerwal and surrounding villages most selflessly.  He would not charge even for medicines from the poor. Even the rich were not quoted medical fees.  Cheerfully he would answer any calls from patients without regard to time or prevalent weather of incessant rain, storm, etc. His devotion and professional care brought most satisfying results to his patients. Making it free for the poor, he charged very reasonably from the rich.

However even the well-to-do families would not pay cost of medicines and would ask for credit facility that never got repaid. Many of the village-physicians had to pack up their practice.  The high-class medical service rendered by Dr. Gurdip Singh never got true appreciation. His personal financial resources got dried up. Under this circumstance, his veterinary doctor father recalled him to Burma. With his influence in Government circles, he got Dr. Gurdip Singh rehabilitated to his previous position. However the father had drawn relationship with his son, Dr. Gurdip Singh that never could flourish. The details do not interest me, but I mainly attribute this to diversity of interests of worldliness as against spiritual pursuit. My main purpose is to give a life-sketch of Dr. Gurdip Singh Jee and not concern myself with family relationships.

Dr. Gurdip Singh Jee lent his surroundings an air of blissful spirituality wherever he stayed.  He went around establishing Sat-Sangs, congregational seats, and interest in Kirtan. Leading an exemplary life of a devout Gursikh on Path of Gurmat, he helped many aspirants of Gursikhi. His family life was led dutifully in a spirit of detachment of true renouncer. He remained obedient to his elders and complied with Gurmat code fully in spirit of dedication. For reasons unknown, he seemed to have been in a hurry to merge with Light Eternal. Praying secretly for end of his life-sojourn, he readied himself for the moment of departure. His life remained beyond reproach and in a spirit of detachment like a lotus flower in water. Such was Gurmat ordained family life that ended too early. Sitting in a secluded corner in Burma, he departed with self-invited Divine-Call, never to return again! Here we are left as his love-lorn admirers, to cherish old memories.

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