Rangle Sajjan - The imbued ones (2nd Edition)

Translated by: Bh. Jaspinder Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee

Chapter 12: Sriman Sant Bhai Hira Singh Ji of Daudpur

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Dear godly Bhai Hira Singh Ji was real paternal uncle of Bibi Harbans Kaur Ji. He was very gentle and Godly-oriented person from the very beginning. Baptism of the double-edged sword further heightened his divine qualities. He would remain in Nam-meditation with single-minded devotion, in humble supplication with folded-hands, standing on one leg in Holy Presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for might-long. Such was his regular practice of rare devotion. He was fervently praying to envision Light-Divine. He would continue reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib all by himself in lov-lorn state. He was persistent in his wish and prayer within with all his being for early Divine experience. His reading from Sri Granth Sahib was flawless and simultaneously he could carry on Nam-meditation automatically in intense Love-Divine.

One day he bolted all the doors in Gurudwara from within, he took his seat for reciting from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Just as he took his position he started feeling reverberations of meditation in Love-Divine throughout his being and lost consciousness of self. He soon tried to control himself and started praying. He had just commenced the recitation, that he was engulfed with Light-Divine within. He could not bear this unbearable experience. His body became very light like a Divine-plane. Enjoying Nectar-Divine imbued love, he held his breath in Divine-meditation at his navel. He suddenly soared and his body touched the Gurudwara Ceiling like a floating balloon. Guru-oriented, Gurumukh Sant 'Bhai Hira Singh Ji' was blessed with power to bear the unbearable as a gift-Divine. He vehemently prayed in loving gratitude. Very slowly he descended to the floor, like a flying bird making a landing. He lied in prostration in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and thus remained in prayer for long to ask for boon to bear this unbearable state. He was thus blest thereafter, that none could discern his high spirituality. He remained non-conspicuous in the holy congregations in his fully flourished state of Nam-meditation. Only such enlightened Gurusikhs used to be asked to serve as members of the team of Five Beloved ones for Baptizing ceremony such was the wout of this Jatha. It was will-Divine, that Sant Bhai Hira Singh Ji moved from his village Daudpur of district Ludhiana to Chak No. 361 in district Layallpur, where he had been allotted land. Soon the presence of divinely influences of this Gurumukh, pure and immaculate follower of Gurmat, was felt most vigorously. Many yearning souls were lit up with Light of Nam-Divine. Almost entire village, Chak No. 361, came under the sway of Gurumat Baptism and presented a miraculous transformation into spiritual bloom. All persons were engaged in land cultivation and alongside kept up the practice of Nam-meditation. It appeared they were all receiving Help-Divine in their labors. They never felt physical tiring or sense of boredom in their exertions. They were skilled and successful in their profession of cultivation and rising of crops. They were tireless during reaping season and would go on for hours, as if driven by Effort-Divine. Carrying heavy loads on heads briskly they appeared to be walking in air. Some men of Vision-Divine could discern and bore witness that loads carried by Gurumukh Singhs were about two feet high above their heads and moved on their own.

There were many Akhand Pathh and Kirtan Samagams held at Chak No. 361 and at times Baptizing ceremonies too. The rare spiritual events that transpired then defy description. The Nam-practitioners Singhs of the village used to meditate in a single group. Such was the music generated that entire village would appear in trance. There was one Ganga Singh who delved in jest. Driven by his habit, he stood outside the door of meditation place. He found scores of people engaged in Nam-Simran in a loud voice with rosaries of steel in their hands. In aping them he made a rosary of thin string by typing little knots and started counting beads of improvised rosary while loudly reciting Nam. Just within fifteen minutes of his aping activity he fell flat on ground. He shrieked loudly and cried for help. Many people gathered around. On enquiry about his affliction, he pleaded, "Get me the sinner, pardoned by these Singhs". He kept rolling in pain and making pleas for mercy. After meditation the Singh came out and lifted up Ganga Singh suffering in agony and hitting his head on ground. Ganga Singh in penance asked for forgiveness for his unpardonable sin and got himself baptized. He thus became a great devotee of Sikh Faith. He tearfully narrated this self-experience to me. This movement of getting baptized spread to many surrounding villages and many joined in to enjoy devotion and Bliss of Nam.

Retroversion of Spirituality

This was a case retroversion of high spirituality enjoyed by our dear Gurumukh, Saintly Bhai Hira Singh. All his high attainments of enlightenment within started coming to nought. He went around lamenting and humbly rolling among the shoes of holy congregation, Sangats. He would cry out that he had lost all his internal bliss and enlightenment of his self. He strived in every possible way, but could never regain lost glory. He roamed about in wilderness, meditated on parapets of wells standing on one leg, meditated for long on Nam-Divine, counted beads of rosary in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib endlessly and yet his state of perplexity remained. He would come to Kirtan Samagams, but remained outside behaving like insane person. He would rub dust of the shoes of sangat on his body and face. In fact all his measures to seek solace let to more and more misery.

Many well-wishers of Bhai Hira Singh, taking pity on his woe-begone state, approached Jatha with pleas on his behalf. However Gurmukh devotees, lost in love of kirtan, never cared, though persons with great perception of Truth and Will-Divine knew that time was not yet ripe for forgiveness-Divine. When it was propitious time, Bhai Hira Singh was called up by the chosen Five during Baptizing ceremony. I was in attendance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib on this occasion. Bhai Hira Singh presented himself. He was then called upon to explain his true story by the chosen Five. He tearfully narrated that he was unaware of this state of spiritual retroversion. He was unaware of any wrong doing not even in dream. The cause of down-fall was unknown to him and he was unable to regain glory that he once experienced. All his strivings have proved of no avail. The cause of present faithlessness in mystery to him. At the prompting of the chosen Five, I reminded Bhai Hira Singh, "Remember your glorious spiritual experiences at Chak No. 361. Was it all due to Grace of Guru or you took the credit upon yourself? Have you suffered from imperceptible self-pride, that the wonderful happenings were due to your own efforts?" This question shook him visibly from top to toe. The second question promptly followed, "Are you bestowing Gurumat Nam all by yourself in the tradition of your own Guru-Dom?" This brought him to senses and he lamented that he was guilty of this wrong-doing occasionally. For sometimes this practice appeared very rewarding, but soon proved futile. The Five chosen ones took hold of him and gave him a good shake, saying that this was act of grave defiance. The authority bestowed on the chosen-Five, representing Guru, was usurped by you alone. This was responsible for draining away of all spirituality of Nam. Bhai Hira Singh then wailed for forgiveness. The Five Chosen ones awarded heavy punishment to Bhai Hira Singh and prayed for his forgiveness by the Guru. Satguru graced him and progress started and he started regaining all the lost Bliss and glory. Imbued with Love-Divine and splendor Divine shone on his face he was back in holy congregations as his old self. Bhai Hira Singh was thus a Blest Soul and rare jewel among Gurusikhs, with his spirit ever soaring.

The time came for my going to jail. Bhai Hira Singh Ji wished to join the first agitation with Jatha, but Will-Divine decided otherwise. He was preparing to receive the Jatha returning from Jail, when he suddenly received Call-Divine and departed for Abode-Divine. We were left behind as his love-lorn brethren. Now I wistfully look forward to join him in the hereafter! If justice is done to loving memory of Sri Sant Bhai Hira Singh, it would form a sizeable book. This is mere sampling of rich tribute that he deserves.

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