Nice Cup of Tea

Gurmukh Life

 Here's a little Zen story. A young man comes to see the master at his house, and says 'O great wise one, take me on as your disciple so that I too may obtain the perfect state'. The Master said 'Hello Sonny-boy - forget all that nonsense - while you're here pour some more tea in my cup - cheers mate' (In this version of the story the Master is a Londoner!) 

The disheartened young man went to the table and was about to pour the tea from the kettle into the Master's cup when he said, 'O master your cup is already full', 'the Master said carry on pouring , the lad did as he was told and watched the tea overflow and wet the table and the floor, the man said frantically, 'O Master the tea is spilling everywhere shall I stop?' 

The Master said to the man, 'Why do you keep questioning what I tell you to do? The cup was already full and any extra tea could not remain in it. You too are full of your own wisdom and what I teach you will not stay inside. If you want to learn the true ways then first empty yourself and come here ready to be filled.'

Same with the Guru jee, he's told us to do something. We may question it think it's pointless like the man spilling the tea, but the real point of it is that everytime we do it we show Guru ji we are his slave and obey his orders and not our man-mat. Guru ji says 'Rehat pyaree muj ko Sikh nahee'

Following the Guru's Code is more important to the Guru than the Sikh.

So if the Guru's tell us to do it, then JUST DO IT! and prove to Guru ji you are ready to be filled with divine knowledge.

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