Sukh Asan

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 Everynight at the gurdwara when SukhAsan takes place and Guru Granth Sahib ji is respectfully carried on the head of a beloved GurMukh, the rest of the GurMukh pyarios' sing:

Jithae Jae Bae mera Satguru,

so thaan suhava Ram Rajeh

Wherever my SatGuru comes to sit 

that place becomes adorned

The dhol is being beaten, the shaneh (bells and symbols) are chiming, a group of ten children are at the front, the rest of the Sangat follow behind as Guru Sahib goes to the Peace (Sukh) position (Asan) upstairs on the bed.

It feels like Guru Gobind Singh ji himself is riding majestically by and the Sangat bow, applying the dust of His feet to their forehead 

GurSikhi so than bhal-i-a 

La dhoor mukh lava

The GurSikhs go to that place 

and apply the dust to their forehead.

Like when a luxorious ocean liner cuts through the calm sea under the summer sun and all the little boats marvel at its splendour as he sails by. Then they feel the ripples of waves from the Ocean liner and follow in his wake. Singing Wonderful Wondeful Wondeful Waheguru as all the blessings wash over them. 

Gur sikha kee ghal the payee

Jin Har Naam Dhia-va

The GurSikh's effort is accepted 

if they mediated on God's Name 

The GurMukhs sing the glories of the SatGuru and God causes the world to sing the glories of the GurMukh.

Jin Nanak SatGur pooji-a

Tin Har Pooj Karava 

Those who worship SatGuru Nanak 

God causes them to be worshipped. 

(Chhant by Guru Raam Das Jee)

Guru Gobind Singh jee said 'nothing pleases me more than people serving the Khalsa.' Wherever Guru ji used to go to eat, he made sure the punj pyare got served before he did. (This tradition continues when Prashad is distributed first to representatives of the punj pyare i.e. 5 Khalsa then to the Granthi and then to the Sangat.)

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