Beautiful Brides

Gurmukh Life

Guru Arjun Dev jee has sung this:

Saant paee gur satgur pooreh

sukh upjeh vajeh anhad toore

taap paap suntaap binase

har simrath kilbik sabh nase

anand karoh mil sundar naree

gur nanak meree paij savaree.

The Perfect Satguru has blessed me with peace,

joy has welled up and the unstruck music plays.

My fever, sins and sufferings have all been destroyed

by remembering Waheguru (Simran) all my sins have been erased

Meet the beautiful brides of Waheguru and be in Anand (bliss)

Guru Nanak has protected my honour.'

To be a beautiful bride of Waheguru Jee - easy to say hard to do! To be a beautiful bride of Waheguru Jee means one has to prepare the couch for the Khasam (Husband) to sit on. The couch of the mind has to become pure and true by doing naam simran. None of the 5 thieves reside there anymore 'Sach Khand vasai Nirankar' : Guru Nanak Dev jee says -In the realm of Truth (Sach Khand) resides the Formless One. A Gianee at the Gurdwara explained that when your mind becomes Sach Khand then that is when Nirankar will reside their.

And always remember

The truth is the truth is the truth:

My father Guru Gobind Singh jee says : 'Bole So Nihal - Sat Sri Akal'

Speak and be happy - Holy Akal is True!

Waheguru jee is true, Satguru jee is true, the 5 thieves steal your whole life away, but 'Khalsa soi jo kare nit jang' Bhai Nand Lal Jee says 'the Khalsa is the one who daily fights (against these 5 enemies)'. 

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