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A blessed GurSikh was once asking me to imagine that I was with my dad and someone grabbed dad by the throat then started verbally abusing him, what would I do? Obviously I'd defend him. In the same way whenever someone says something wrong or against Waheguru jee or SatGuru jee then that person must be corrected there and then by the children of God - the Bhagats.

Now I understand why this blessed GurSikh always stands and corrects anyone who says something wrong, wereas I would just let them get away with it and ignore it. 

For example the other day, a man at the Gurdwara was saying 'O God does everything, he makes one person do bad things and another person do good deeds. Even a leaf can't move unless God wants it to.' Then he said, `thinking of these things makes my mind go bad!' (Meaning he'd prefer to carry on talking about worldly things rather than God, and blame God for him not being that religiously inclined!). The blessed Gursikh said, `God loves every single creature and wants the best for each of them. God is Good and wants everyone to be good. So how can someone who is good ever make anyone do something bad?' 

He continued, `It's impossible. But man is such a fool that he doesn't accept that his bad actions are his own doing, but blames God. Blaming God, insulting God, refusing to believe in God etc he puts up a barrier between himself and Waheguru ji. This barrier blocks out the love and virtues which are continuously pouring over us. Guru Nanak Dev jee taught us to sing praises of Waheguru ji so the blessings carry on showering down.'

It is the duty of the children of God to always defend the Truth. 

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