His Will / Our Ego

Gurmukh Life


All that happens, and all that will happen, is by His Will. If we could do something by ourselves, we would. By ourselves, we cannot do anything at all. As it pleases the Lord, He preserves us. || 1 ||

O my Dear Lord, everything is in Your power. I have no power to do anything at all. As it pleases You, You forgive us. || 1 || Pause || 

You Yourself bless us with soul, body and everything. You Yourself cause us to act. As You issue Your Commands, so do we act, according to our pre-ordained destiny. || 2 ||

You created the entire Universe out of the five elements; if anyone can create a sixth, let him. You unite some with the True Guru, and cause them to understand, while others, the self-willed manmukhs, do their deeds and cry out in pain. || 3 ||

I cannot describe the glorious greatness of the Lord; I am foolish, thoughtless, idiotic and lowly. Please, forgive servant Nanak, O my Lord and Master; I am ignorant, but I have entered Your Sanctuary. 

|| 4 || 4 || 15 || 24 ||

(Panna 736)

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