Rangle Sajjan - The imbued ones (2nd Edition)

Translated by: Bh. Jaspinder Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee


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Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji has not only written extensively on Gurmat topics but also practiced Gurmat way of life as a role model. This is amply supported by his being recognised with ‘siropas’ (robe of honour), by all the ‘Takhats’ (Highest Sikh Religious Seats). His devotion to Kirtan and high spirituality attracted an increasing band of like-minded Gursikhs. His subject book, ‘Rangle Sajjan’, is a memoire to twenty-three of his companions, who pre-deceased him after leading extraordinary lives.

There was always a high purpose behind his writings that were confined to promote Sikh ideals and spread Guru Nanak’s message, prompted by Divine Being. He has quoted Gurbani liberally to support his arguments in his books.  In fact he always listened to entire recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to select Gurbani quotes for the selected topics.  However in the narration of lives of the selected Gursikhs, he has forcefully brought out how strength is imparted to their characters by virtuous and single-minded devotion on the Path of Spirituality. This is what the Khalsa Panth is about and named as the corporate body of Guru, while Sri Guru Granth Sahib represents the Guru spirit, embodiments of the common spirit of the Ten Gurus.

A simple life, child-like devotion with humility and selfless service bring about rapid spiritual progress and even the illiterate devotees attain wisdom and Gurmat knowledge. It is possible for men of intense spirituality to falter, but their sense of humility and realization of wrongdoing and atonement can bring them back to spiritual glory. Love for Divine-Being and remaining humble and obedient can win many hearts and make life truly blissful. Such are the virtues demonstrated in the narrated lives. Obviously it’s intended to enthuse and motivate aspiring Gursikhs to follow worthy examples.

To translate this book into English was a crying need of our time for its wider reach for the benefit of our youth, who are not so proficient in the Punjabi language.  With blessings of Satguru, this has been successfully undertaken by Bhai Jaspinder Singh Ji, his family and other enthusiastic young students. It is hoped that even in this first attempt, the original intended Gurmat message shall be conveyed. I personally congratulate the team behind this work and do wish for the good work to continue.

Dr. Darshan Singh,

Toronto, Canada

June 25, 2000

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