Rangle Sajjan - The imbued ones (2nd Edition)

Translated by: Bh. Jaspinder Singh Jee
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Jee

Chapter 18: Bhai Prabhakar Singh Ji

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Vir Prabhakar Singh Jee got baptised at seventeen and was saturated ever since, imbibed with Naam-Nectarian. He had only two more years to live in silent self-engrossment. He had devoted a great deal to spiritualism in earlier life, so Baptism worked as a ‘Catalyst’ to hasten his past spiritual revival and further progress. He was aptly named ‘Prabhakar Singh’ after Baptism. He belonged to village Lalton in district Ludhiana, but after his rebirth in House of Guru he remained wedded to the world of ‘Sat-Sang’, holy congregations.  Such dedication to Gurmat is a rare of the rarest phenomenon in the vein of Gurbani quote in Anand Sahib, “With utmost Faith, abiding at Door of Guru, rare ones are ushered into the ‘Tenth Hidden Door’ where Lord is envisioned in All His Glory.” Such was the rare specimen of a Gurmukh, Guru-oriented and fully dedicated Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee, outshining many of the old Ascetics and ‘Munishars’ doing penance for ages. He was quietly relishing his highest spirituality. He remained aloof and untouched by worldliness and its attachments.  He could remain in solitude of Naam-Devotion in environment of ‘Sadh-Sangat’. He would not engage in worldly discussions, but keep reciting Naam in holy company of Gurmukhs, happy in self-absorption like the proverbial ‘a dumb person enjoying sweets’.  He was so fond of listening to Gurbani Kirtan that he would remain in same postures, listening for hours together. He never revealed his inner self to anyone but bore his exalted experience silently in happiness of own mind. His elevating spirits always kept soaring higher and higher.  There was never a frown on his face, but always beaming and carefree. He would remain serene under all circumstances.  His spiritual devotion in previous birth was so much that only a little would suffice in this life.

Many of the Jatha proceeded to Jails as ordained by Divine-Will. Dear Prabhakar Singh could not cope up with pangs of separation. The case was still under trial and pronouncement of life-sentence was yet to be made, when I envisioned in the dungeons of jail the soul of Vir Prabhakar Singh leaving his body and taking flight upward to the hereafter. Next day I got the news of his death.

Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee was a quiet, loving and a blooming youth. He had through single-minded devotion experienced high spirituality within, bearing the unbearable silently at a very early age. He enjoyed the Bliss of inner enlightenment without any outward show. He was an untiring listener of Akhand Kirtan with Single-minded devotion. He would take a corner seat at the rear and remain seated in a single posture of quiet meditation. He came to be known as the Silent- Ascetic, ‘Moandhari Singh’. He became most yearning spiritual seeker just as he got baptised. He lost awareness of body and interest in food. Word-Divine alone became his source of sustenance day and night in self-engrossment. The splendour of his face indicated his inner state of enlightenment and brimming with Divine-Nectar.  He had sought Baptism with utmost spiritual urge and went into trance soon after imbibing Naam-Nectarian. This was the fruit borne by his meditational labors of earlier birth that could be the envy of great Yogis and Ascetics. In fact all penance devoid of Gurmat is of little avail, even if practiced for ages.  I had envisioned such miracles during spiritual strivings of young Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee that were pleasantly astounding. In his humility by nature and engrossment in spirituality, he was completely free from thoughts of worldliness. He was humble through and through in the light of Gurmat, thinking of himself as mere dust of everyone’s feet. He was never prone to anger nor his face ever frowned.  His face was radiant with inner happiness, uttering only loving sweet words. He was chaste all his life and even in his youth no evil thought ever occurred to him. His family wanted to arrange his marriage, but he would not listen to it. The ceremony of engagement for marriage was being forced on him, but in the nick of time he got up, saying, “This is not in accordance with Gurmat.” Leaving behind his gathered relatives he came to Sat-Sang of Jatha and narrated his Story. All got astonished at his boldness and rock-like Faith. He could escape marriage thus under the plea of Gurmat tenets or else he was almost roped in. He had no inclination for marriage. Not that he was against the institution of marriage, but a marriage devoid of Gurmat was an unwelcome tying of two individuals instead of a wholesome union. Such rock-like Faith at an early age is exemplary. While many of the Jatha got imprisoned in 1915, he started delving even more deeply in single-minded Naam-Devotion. He shared great love with me. I held him in high esteem and never addressed him without honorific suffix of ‘Jee’. I still maintain the same deep regard for him and keep his memory alive all the time.

It is bond of this unbounded love that prompted departing soul of Sri Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee to grant me the last vision, while I was confined to dungeons of jail. It was the same smiling face that took skyward flight after the meeting, bound for Abode-Divine, never to return! This happened in 1915. Bhai Lal Singh Jee of my village, Narangwal, was arrested and brought to Ludhiana Jail. After a couple of days he described eventful days of the end. According to him it was indeed a very unusual death. Mother of Bhai Lal Singh, Mata Mehtab Kaur Jee was by the bedside of Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee at the final moment. She had great motherly love for Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee. During Sat-Sang Samagams at Narangwal he always stayed at their house and came to be regarded as second son after Bhai Lal Singh, both equally dear to Mata Mehtab Kaur Jee. Few days prior to the death Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee sent telepathic message to Mata Mehtab Kaur Jee, requesting her to come to his bedside at Lalton. Serving this Gurmukh son towards the end of his life-journey was thought of as welcome opportunity by her and a blessing. She remained dedicated all through day and night to rare motherly love and service. She was in attendance all the while, glancing at the splendorous face in Divine-Bliss. Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee continued his Naam-Simran, breath by breath, till the very end. This was most amazing. He would neither talk nor listen to anything other than this.  He would request his visitors to recite Gurbani or go and take rest away from him. He did not allow anyone near him with the exception of Mata Mehtab Kaur Jee. He breathed his last in his blissful state. His face never indicated any suffering or any trace of bodily pain. He never uttered any sigh of pain; instead it was difficult to behold his ‘Glorious’ face. It was only for Mata Mehtab Kaur to behold the departing in spiritual Glory of Bhai Prabhakar Singh Jee. With his hands folded together he uttered the Khalsa Salutation of Guru Fateh and departed like a visiting pilgrim returning to his ‘Home’ – Abode-Divine!

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