Those enamored of God-Love

Getting inducted, State for enamored love and Devoid of Divine-Love
Bhai Jaspinder Singh Jee

The Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib has drawn vivid picture of God-love. The intensity of longing for God grows with the purity of mind, by removing the dross of worldliness. Once it dawns, that a being is a separated part of the Whole, Divine Source, then the yearning to unite is great like the tumultuous river water rushing towards the ocean. All the obstacles to the flow are overcome or circumvented. Such is the fury of eager flow in its journey. The ocean is equally restless and its waves continuously extend arms to welcome the merging waters.

Those enamored of God-love are lost to the world around. They give up their separate identity to attain Oneness with Beloved and remain possessed with the ecstatic Love. Nothing can diminish the pangs of their "sweet" sufferings. No treatment is of any avail except the soothing balm of God-Realization.


g~:D mhlA 4 | [46]

hir drsn cuU mErA mnU bhU VpV> ijuU iVqkAv^VU ibnU nIr | 1 |

mEr> min pEqmU lg~ hir VIr |

hmrI bEdn hir pqBU jAn> mErE mn a^Vr cI pIr | 1 | rhAuU |

Fourth Nanak, Guru RamDas Ji says:

My mind is restless to meet God, like a thirsty person dying for a drink of water. - 1

Pierced with the arrow of Love, my mind suffers the pangs. Only the Lord knows the intensity of pain of my inner self. - 1 Pause ....


mAr< mhlA 1 | [991]

c~eI aAk> B bEVAlA |
c~eI aAk> aAdmI nAncU vECArA | 1 |

BieaA idvAnA sAh cA nAncU buUrAnA |
huU hir ibnU avr n jAnA | 1 | rhAuU |

Guru Nanak in Maru Raaga says:

Some one says, "Nanak is a fiend", another says, "He is a demon", yet someone says, "Nanak is a poor desolate person". - 1

I, Nanak, am a possessed lover of the Lord and recognize not any other worldly being. - 1. Pause ...

1# siVgUr pqsAid |
sl~c BgV cbIr jIuU cE | [1368]

cbIr ibrhU BUy^gmU min bs> m^VU n mAn> c~ie |

rAm ibogI n jIa> jIa> V buUrA h~ie | 76 |

Says Bhagat Kabir Ji, that the snake of God-yearning has possessed my mind and no charm is effective against its "venom". Thus the one enamored of Divine-Love is sure to die (of selfhood and separate identity) or appears to be a lunatic (not belonging to the world) to the people around, who are devoid of such feelings.


1# siVgUr pqsAid |
sl~c sEk frId cE | [1379]

ibrhA ibrhA aAkIa> ibrhA V< sUlVAnU |

frIdA ijVU Vin ibrhU n u s~ VnU jANU msANU | 36 |

People talk of love-sickness as an affliction. However sweet and welcome is the pain of Divine-Love. O, Farida! The one who does not experience forlornness and yearning for God-Love, is like living dead (spiritually).

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