Ramkalee kee Vaar (Reversed Flow of the River Ganges)
by Satta and Balwandd
This var is in praise of the new, revolutionary aspect of Sikhism. A Guru becomes a disciple and a disciple becomes a Guru, as a continuation of the same divine spirit. The emphasis has been on the divine mission to guide mankind on to the divine pathway.

First Guru Nanak bows to the new torchbearer Guru Angad. Guru Angad hands over the responsibility of divine mission to his disciple to become Guru Amar Das. Thus the chain of successors carries on up to Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Nanak. Then comes the culmination of the mission, when Guru Gobind Singh bows to the Eternal Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib as the source of Divine Word and Guru Khalsa Panth as the physical manifestation - a body of saint soldiers and ideal men and women of God.

Thus Sikhism stands out among world's revealed religions as a unique institution of hope and love with immense possibilities for an individual seeker. Inspite of its universal appeal and unparalleled history of service and sacrifice, it lays no special claims and is respectful to all other religions, engaged in seeking God and in service of His creation. The Sikh Gurdwaras, the free kitchen ( Guru Ka Langar ) are open to all without any distinction of caste, creed or social status. Sense of equality and sovereignty mark a Sikh, who neither fears nor causes fear and bows only to one God.

1 # siVgUr pqsAid |

rAmclI cI vAr rAie blv*iD VWA sV> D

The Sole Supreme Being, realized through True Enlightener's grace. This var in Rag Ramkali was sung by Rai Balwand and Satta, singers of the Divine Word, in Guru's Court.

nuU crVA cAdr crE, icuU b~lU h~v> j~kIvd> |
dE gUnA siV B>N BrAv h>, pAr*giV dAnU pRIvd> |

nAnic rAjU ClAieaA, sC c~t sVANI nIv d> |
lihNE Yiron xVU isir, cr isfVI a*imqVU pIvdE |

miV gUr aAVm dEv dI kRig j~ir prAcUie jIa d> |
gUr CElE rhrAis cIeI, nAnc slAmiV WIvd> |

sih itcA idV~sU jIvd> |1| [966]

God, the creator, himself bestowed greatness on Nanak. Whoever can express such greatness or measure it? The virtues, bestowed through Divine Grace to cross the ocean of life, are like kith and kin to Guru Nanak, who has established the Kingdom of True Religion. The building of this true religion is based on the Eternal Truth, as its foundation. He bestowed this Kingdom on his disciple, Lehna, who had drunk the nectar of Divine Praise. Through divine Wisdom and spiritual power, Guru Nanak transferred the light of Divine Mission to his disciple. He bestowed this succession during his own life time and bowed before his own disciple ( as a unique example ). (1)

lhNE dI fErAeIa>, nAncA d~hI ktIa> |
j~iV ohA, jUgiV sAie, sih cAieaA fEir pltIa> |

JUl> sU xVU inr*jnI, mil VkVU b>TA gUr htIa> |
crih ij gUr fUrmAieaA, isl j~gU al |

l*grU Cl> gUr sbid, hir V~it n aAveI ktIa> |
krCE idiV ks*m dI, aAp khdI k>ir dbtIa> |

h~v> isfiV ksm dI, n |
VUYU iDT> sCE pAiVsAh, mlU jnm jnm dI ctIa> |

sCU ij gUir fUrmAieaA, icuU eEd< b~lhU htIa> |
pUVqI cuUlU n pAilo, cir pIrhU c*n mUrtIa> |

idil k~tE aAcI ifrin, b*in BArU uUCAiein xtIa> |
ijin aAkI s~eI crE, ijin cIVI iVn> WtIa> |

cuUNU hArE, icin uUvtIa> |2|

All the high praise and appreciation, that Guru Nanak had won, now belonged to Lehna, as the successor Guru. It was the same Divine Light, same methodology, as if Guru Nanak had just changed his body. The new Guru occupied the Spiritual Throne, with the same Divine Canopy overhead. His spiritual dealings were in accordance with the orders of Guru Nanak, though it is no easy task to remain ever so obedient and dutiful. The Divine Word, as the spiritual food, was being offered freely to the seekers. However, there is no diminishing of the Nam Wealth. The Guru enjoys the benefit of divine gift of Nam himself and gives ever so freely to others. Divine praise is always sung in the Guru's court, which is like showering of the Divine Glow. Thy very sight O, Guru! Is the source of bliss, as if the filth of sins of many births is just washed off. Thou carried out the will of Guru Nanak ever so diligently, while the sons turned away in disobedience. Those with disloyal hearts, go about in disobedience, carrying heavy load of disapproval on their minds. Guru Nanak, who taught obedience, himself abided by the Divine Will all along. The disciple, Lehna, who learnt to abide by the will, was honoured for his obedience. However all this was a Divine Play and none is a winner nor loser. (2)

ijin cIVI s~ m*nNA, c~ sAlU, ijvAhE sAlI |
YrmrAie h> dEvVA, l> glA crE dlAlI |

siVgUrU aAk> sCA crE, sA bAV h~v> drhAlI |
gUr a*gd dI d~hI ifrI, sC crV> b*iY bhAlI |

nAncU cAieaA pltU cir, mil VkV b>TA s> DAlI |
dr sEvE uUmiV kRI, mscl> h~ie j*gAlI |

dir drvEsU ks*m d> nAie sC> bANI lAlI |
blv*D, kIvI nEc jn, ijs bhUVI xAuU pVqAlI |

l*gir duUliV v*DIa>, rs a*imqVU kIir iGaAlI |
gUriskA cE mUk uUjlE, mnmUk WIeE prAlI |

peE cb mAVA kIvI shU s~ie, ijin g~ie uUTAlI |3|

He, who obeyed, was duly recognised. The humble are always better, like the rice crop that is sown in low land rather than thorny bushes that grow at high ground by the river banks. Guru Angad, like the angel of Divine Justice, is the mediator between men and God. Whatever the Guru says, receives the Divine Approval. It is sanctioned for immediate action. Thus Guru Angad has been widely recognised as a spiritual power, as it pleased God. It appears, that Guru Nanak has just changed the body and continues to be in his Spiritual Throne and hundreds come to his door to serve. The sins of those, who thus come to him, are washed away. Meditating on the Lord almighty, Guru Angad acquires the spiritual aura of grandeur. The Guru's wife, Mata Khiwi, is also very noble and blissful. She is the dispenser of free food and gifts, while the Guru supplies spiritual food. Her kitchen is famous for rice pudding with milk and butter ( purified ).

The followers of the Guru glow with satisfaction and happiness, while the jealous non believers suffer in misery. The Guru has won recognition through hard labour. The lord of Mata Khiwi shoulders a heavy spiritual responsibility, as assigned by the Divine Will. (3)

h~iro g*g vhAeIa>, dUinaAeI aAk> ic iconU |
nAnc eIsir jg nAiW uUChdI v>NU iviriconU |

mAYANA prbVU cir nEiVq bAscU, sbid irRiconU |
CuUdh rVn incAilan, cir aAvAgoUN iCliconU |

cUdriV aih vEkAlIanU, ijiN a>vD ipD iTNiconU |
lhNE YironU xVq isir, asmAn icaARA ixiconU |

j~iV smANI j~iV mAih, aApU aAp> sEVI imiconU |
iskA* pUVqA* G~iW c>, sB uUmiV vEkhU ij iconU |

jA* sUY~sU, VA* lhNA iticonU |4|

People ask, " What has happened? It is as if flow of Ganges has been reversed ". Nanak, the great spiritual teacher of the world, has uttered the impossible. Just as demi-gods had churned the oceans in Hindu mythology, he has meditated on the divine Nam with a controlled mind and his lofty spirit. Thus he obtained all the virtues, like the proverbial fourteen precious jewels. He has used these to give shine to the spiritual life world over. With his Divine Power, he won over Lehna and tested him for succeeding him as the Guru. Then Lehna became a successor and his praise rocketed sky high. The Light of Divine Mission of Guru Nanak now merged with the spirit of Lehna to become second Nanak. See thou, the followers of Guru Nanak, how he selected his spiritual successor. He tested among his Sikhs and sons for worthiness. Only when Lehna fully satisfied Guru Nanak, he was thus appointed. (4)

fEir vsAieaA fErUaAiN siVgUr kAD jpU VpU s*jmU nAil VUYU, h~rU mUCU gr

lbU ivNAhE mANsA ijuU pANI b virqa> drgh gUr< cI, cUdrVI n

V<* ohU Tr nuU iniY nAmU inYAnU h> VUYU iviC Brp in*dA VErI j~ cr>, s~ v*M> C

nER> ids> mAV l~c, VUYU sUJ> d fEr vsAieaA fErUaAiN siVgUr kAD

After appointment as Guru, the son of Baba Pheru settled at village Khadur. Thou are blessed with the meditation of Nam and sense of humility without a feeling of egoistic self-importance, unlike the worldly people. Just as standing water goes stale with scum at the surface, greed ruins men. In the court of the Guru, there is ever showering of Divine Glow of True Knowledge. Thou are like an immense ocean of clean, cold, fresh water, that defies measurement. The most precious, Divine Nam, fills thee completely. Anyone, who slanders against thee, is bound to self-ruination. Thou are blessed with the Divine far sight, while others are lost in their immediate worldly concerns. The son of Baba Pheru, Guru Angad has blessed Khadur with his presence. (5)

s~ itcA, s~ b>hNA, s~eI dIbANU |
ipy< dAdE jEivhA, p~VA prvANU |
ijin bAscU nEV>q GiVaA, cir nEhI VANU |

ijin smU*dU ivr~ilaA, cir mErU mYANU |
CuUdh rVn incAilanU cIV~nU CAnANU |
G~RA cIV~ shj dA, jV cIo plANU |
YNkU CRAieo sV dA js h*dA bANU |
cl iviC Y< a*YArU sA, CiRaA h> BANU |
sVhU kEVU jmAieo,

sVhU xAvANU |
inV rs~eI VErIa>, iGuU m>dA kANU |
aAvAguUNU invAiro, cir ndir nIsANU |
auUViraA auUVArU l>, s~ pUrkU sUjANU |
JkiR vAuU n D~leI, prbVU mErANU |
jAN> ibrWA jIa cI, jANI h< jANU |
icaA sAlAhI sCE pAiVsAh, jA* V< sUGR sUjANU |
dAnU ij siVgUr BAvsI, s~ sVE dANU |
nAnc h*dA xVq isir, uUmiV h>rANU |
s~ itcA, s~ b>hNA, s~eI dIbANU |
ipy< dAdE jEivhA, p~VqA prvANU |6|

It is the same spiritual aura, same Throne and same Court. The third Nanak is recognized same as his predecessors, Guru Nanak and Guru Angad. He, too, has churned his inner self with a devoted mind and his lofty spirit to discover all the Divine Virtues, adding to the blissfulness around. His disciplined life is, as though he is riding the horse of equipoise with the saddle of chastity. He shoots the arrow of Divine Praise with the bow of virtuous character. This noble and highly spiritual being is like the sun to banish the prevailing darkness of evil and immoral living. He gave of his virtues freely, as sowing a field and extended his virtuous protection. O, Guru Amar Das! Thy free kitchen caters for delicious free food of purified butter and fine flour, etc. Those, who have meditated on Nam as taught by you, have attained the Divine Knowledge. Those, who have received thy grace, have been liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Thou are the very personification of the Almighty Lord, due to your merging in Him. Like a mountain, thou remain unaffected with blowing of storms of evil. Thou know all the suffering of all being, as the all knowing one and mitigate them. O, lord true! How can I count all thy virtues of nobility and wisdom. I, Satta am glad to receive, whatever thou bestow on me as thy gift. Thy followers are in mood of ecstacy to see that thou adorne the spiritual Throne of Guru Nanak. Same is the spiritual aura around thee, same Throne and similar Court. Thou are acclaimed as the one just like thy predecessors Guru Nanak and Guru Angad. (6)

Y*nU Y*nU rAmdAs gUr, ijin isiraA iVn> svAiraA |
p YAiraA |

iskI aV> s*gVI, pArbqhmU cir nmscAiraA |
atlU aWAhU aV~l V<, VErA a*VU n pArAvAiraA |

ijnI V<* sEivaA BAuU cir, sE VUYU pAir uUVAiraA |
Y*nU sU VErA WAnU h>, sCU VErA p>scAiraA |

nAnc V< lhNA V< h> gUrU amrU V< ivCAiraA |
gUrU VUTA VA* mnU sAYAiraA |7|

Great is Guru Ram Das! Thy maker has made thou perfect. The wonder is, that Lord Himself abides within thee. The Sikhs and their congregations bow before thee as an image of God. Thou are eternal, thy greatness is beyond comprehension and thy limits unfathomable. Those, who have dedicated their faith in thee, have crossed the ocean of life with thy Grace. Thou have uprooted the evils like lust, anger, greed, attachment, etc. along with their families ( born out of the basic evils ). Blessed is the place, where thou dwell and eternal are thy holy congregations. (7)

CArE jAgE ChU jUgI, p*CAieNU aApE h~aA |
aApIn> aApU sAijonU, aApE hI W*im kl~aA |

aApE ptI clm aAip, aAip ilkNhArA h~aA |
sB uUmiV aAvN jAvNI, aApE jI nvA inr~aA |

VkiV b>TA arjn gUr<, siVgUr cA ikv> C*d~aA |
uUgvNhU V> aAWvNhU, ChU CcI cIanU l~aA |

ijnI gUr< n sEivo, mnmUkA pieaA mU~aA |

CArE jAgE ChU jUgI, p*CAieNU aApE h~aA |8|1| [968]

Lord Himself creates, manifests Himself through the creation and then provides the support. Thus God acted through the four Gurus in their times. It is like He, Himself is the writing board as also the pen and again the writer Himself. While the created ones may go and come, Lord is Eternal and Ever Young. It is Divine Will, that Guru Arjan now adorns the Spiritual Throne with the ever bright Canopy overhead. His spiritual radiance has spread from corner to corner of the world. Those, who follow their own egoistic mind and do not seek wisdom of the Guru, die spiritual death. Guru's fame is ever increasing to provide the True Divine support. The earlier four Gurus came into being through Divine Will and the Lord Himself dwelt in them. (8)

Thus God reaches mankind through the medium of Guru to guide and support. Guru is one with God!

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