Basant Kee Vaar
by Sree Guroo Arjan Dev Jee

1 # siVgUr pqsAid | bs*V cI vAr mhlU 5 |

hir cA nAmU iYaAie c> h~hU hiraA BAeI | crim ilk*V> pAeIa> ieh rUiV sUhAeI |

vNU iVqNU iVqBvNU muUilaA a*imqV flU pAeI | imil sAY< sUkU u lWI sB xAeI |

nAncU ismr> eEcU nAmU ifir bhUiR n YAeI |1|

The Sole Lord is eternal, realized through the grace of enlightener Vaar in Basant Raga by Fifth Nanak.

O, brother! Blossom forth with spiritual life through Nam ( Divine Word ) meditation. Good fotune has been bestowed on thee by granting a human life, which is ideal time for this. Like the blooming of the universe and all its forests in spring season, blossom forth thee, with Elixir of Nam. Meet the Guru to enjoy bliss and banishing all dirt and grit of sins. Nanak meditates on the ONE Divine Word, which liberates from the cycle of birth and death. (1)

p*jE bYE mhA blI cir sCA Q~aA | aApNE CrN jpAieanU iviC QyU kR~aA |

r~g s~g siB imit geE inV nvA inr~aA | idn r>iN nAmU iYaAiedA ifir pAie n m~aA |

ijs VE uUijaA nAncA s~eI ifir h~aA |2|

With the true offering of Nam meditation, divine help restrains the five evils of lust, anger, greed, attachment and conceitedness of the individual. Such is the efficacy of God's rememberence and feeling his presence within. All the affliction and tribulations are removed and one is always in a state of complete rejuvenation. With growing God-love, one remains engrossed in Nam day and night and thus attains liberation from death. O, Nanak! Such a one ultimately becomes one with the source, Lord of all creation! (2)

icWhU uUpj> ch rh> ch mAih smAv> | jIa j*V siB ksm cE cuUNU cImiV pAv> |

chin iYaAiein sUNiT inV sE BgV sUhAv> | agmU ag~CrU sAihb~ d n lAv> |

sCU p gUir uUpdEisaA nAncU sUNAv> |3|1|

All the being are mere created ones. None can truly evaluate His Virtues. None knows how He evolved Himself, where He dwells and where He finally shall dissolve Himself. What is given to us is the Lord's devotion through singing, meditation on and listening to the Divine Word. Beautiful are such devotees, thus engaged. The Lord is beyond the reach and incomprehensible to the physical senses and there is none as His parallel. The perfect Guru has bestowed the realization of Eternal One within, thus says Nanak. (3)

This is the shortest of the twenty-two vaars in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Arjan has used a beautiful simile of the world in spring season to that of the human life and the great opportunity that it holds for us. It beautifully depicts what a life, lived by choosing Guru's divine wisdom as a guide, has to offer. Within us, we all know how unsatiable, unsatisfactory, degrading and depressing is the craving for worldliness. Here is the way to complete liberation for us to choose!

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